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6 Quick Tips to Start your Garden - For the Inexperienced Gardener

6 Quick Tips to Start your Garden – For the Inexperienced Gardener

Whether you want to start up a garden for the first time or learn how to take care of plants as a hobby, here is 9 Simple Tips and Tricks to get you started.


1. Select where you want your garden to be, pick a nice sunny spot (if you plan on planting plants that prefer sunlight) or get the correct pots if you plan on starting small.


2. Soil, Compost & Drainage

Make sure you use good quality potting soil and or compost and that your plants will have proper drainage. If you plan on using pots, make sure there are draining holes or line the pot with rocks to ensure proper water drainage


3. Water

Ensure you water your thirsty plants as often as the specific plant requires. And make sure not to overwater either.


4. Time to plant

Make sure you choose the correct type of plants you plan on planting and that it corresponds with the current season. Plan to plant the right type of plants at the right time in the year.


5. Trim!

Make sure you trim and prune your little green babies for increased air circulation and avoid wetting the leaves.


6. Plant types to get you started

Some hardy plants to start off your garden include: Lavender, Black-Eyed Susans, Monstera, String of  Pearls, Spider Plant and aloe.

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