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Fascinating Facts About Flowers

Fascinating Facts About Flowers

Giving flowers to someone as a way to say “I love you” has been in practice for centuries now. However there have been many other uses of flowers in history such as for medicinal purposes, aromatherapy and for healing purposes. Here at Izami we love learning about new and interesting titbits of some of our favourite flowers. Here is a list of some very fascinating facts that you might not heard of yet.


1. The Tulip

During the 17th century in Holland, tulips were considered more valuable than gold! One bulb could cost more than $2,000, that’s 31140,10 in South African Rand today. Luckily nowadays tulips aren’t so expensive anymore.


2. The Ancient Flower

In 2002, scientists have uncovered a fossil that is speculated to be the oldest flower. The Archaefructus sinensis is thought to have bloomed more than 125 million years ago in China and resembles a water lily.


3. The Thistle

Hundreds of years ago, when Vikings invaded Scotland, they were slowed by patches of wild thistle, allowing the Scots time to escape. Because of this, the wild thistle was named Scotland’s national flower.


4. The Lotus

The lotus was considered a sacred flower by ancient Egyptians and was used in burial rituals. This flower blooms in rivers and damp wetlands, but may lie dormant for years during times of drought, only to rise again with the return of water. Egyptians viewed it as a symbol of resurrection and eternal life.


5. The Sunflower

Sunflowers move their “heads” towards the direction of the sunlight and when there is no sun they “look” at each other.


6. The Gas Plant

Gas plants are known for their delicate white and pink blooms, but the plants produce more than just flowers. On warm nights, they emit a colourless gas, which is believed can actually be ignited with a lit match.


7. The Rose

Roses are related to apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds.


8. The Agave

The agave plant is often called “the century plant.” That’s because it can flourish for years on end without growing any flowers. Then, at the end of its life, an agave plant produces a single flower and dies.


9. The Moon Flower

Moon flowers as its name suggests only bloom at night throughout the summer and early autumn. They are very large and white in colour and give off a strong fragrance.

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