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Flower Dyed Eggs to Bring on the Easter Cheer

Flower Dyed Eggs to Bring on the Easter Cheer – Tutorial

These make the perfect decorative Easter Eggs, perfect DIY to do with the kids at home!

This technique of dying eggs is incredibly easy and doesn’t require any sort of time consuming technique. All you need are some sturdy flowers like daisies, a pair or two of stockings, hard boiled eggs, and dye.

You can also make your own egg dye by using boiling water, food colouring and vinegar which makes much more vibrant and evenly dyed eggs than any store bought dye. Use this guide to make the colours; minty green, hot pink, violet-blue, and marigold yellow. The ratio is just 1/2 cup boiling water, food colouring, and 2 tsp vinegar.

Here’s how to make the eggs:

Step 1: Cut a small daisy off of the stem and place flower face down over the egg.
Step 2: Cut a 7-10cm piece of stocking and tie a knot in one end (if it’s not the toe portion)
Step 3: Cover egg with stocking securing the flower in place.
Step 4: Making sure the stocking is tight, tie a knot in the other end.

How to dye flower Easter Eggs

Step 5: Drop egg carefully into dye and roll egg around gently until completely covered in dye. Allow to sit until you have your desired color (up to 5 minutes).
Step 6: *Not photographed because I totally forgot! Remove the egg from the dye, cut open the stocking and remove both the stocking and flower from the egg.
Step 7: Gently blot the egg with a paper towel to remove any extra dye so that the flower silhouette stays white!
Step 8: Allow eggs to dry on a paper towel.

How to dye flower Easter Eggs
Let’s bring the Easter Cheer this year.
How beautiful, the kids will love them!

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