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Flowers That Are In Season - Ready For Love Month

Flowers That Are In Season – Ready For Love Month

As February, the month of love draws closer, you might start thinking about Valentines Day Gift Ideas and what types of flowers to give to someone special, with roses, particularly red ones being the popular if not obvious choice. Why not surprise your Valentine this year with a more unique and well-thought out bouquet? Classic red roses are undoubtedly beautiful but take a look at this list of flowers that are in season this summer for ideas on a more unique and interesting bunch and ask our florist about them in store.


 Stargazer Oriental Lilies

These vibrant pink lilies make for a perfect romantic flower bunch.



Add a pop of purple to for the lady in your life who perhaps isn’t a fan of pink.



Dahlias have made a comeback in the flower world in recent months, no longer flowers in your granny’s garden, dahlias can be stylish too!



One of my childhood favourites as I recall we had these in our garden at my childhood home. Their delicate petals and pastel colours make for a romantic bouquet staple.


Garden Roses

Roses remain a Valentines Classic but why not change up the red for a softer pink or white garden rose this year? They are certain to impress the one you love.



Beautiful blooming hydrangeas look gorgeous all on their own, no need for extra flowers for added “fluff”, though a bunch might be a bit pricey, what’s a couple extra rands for the one you love?

* Here’s a secret bonus tip I learnt about hydrangeas the other day: they soak up water through their flowers, not only the stems, so if yours are looking a little dull, let them soak for a couple of hours in your sink or bucket filled with water, “head” first and they are sure to regain their vivid colour soon. 



Yarrow flowers are excellent “filler flowers” to spruce up your bouquet, their delicate flowers add something for the eye and greatly complement other flowers mentioned in this list.


With this list of gorgeous seasonal blooms, I hope all of our readers can get a good idea of what flowers to get someone this year.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new and put in the extra effort by skipping the classic (albeit predictable) red roses this year and show the one you love that you really know them. 😉

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