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The best plants and flowers for the winter season

The beauty of fall flowers may be fading but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the spring to enjoy the pretty sights again. While winter is well on its way, there are still plenty of plants and flowers that survive the season. Winter-flowering plants can introduce a bright burst of colour to your garden or any room in your home, providing a welcome contrast to the cold and dreary months ahead. While it might be a little more challenging to keep your plants and flowers alive during the winter, thanks to lower light levels, dry air and colder temperatures, making some slight adjustments to your care routine can help your plants and flowers flourish this winter.


Growing winter flowers requires some planning. Bulbs should be planted just as the weather begins to cool down so they have a chance to provide you with natural beauty and colour on those dark and gloomy winter days. Here are some of the most popular winter plants and flowers:

Winterberry: One of the most quintessential winter shrubs is winterberry. The plant features bright red berries that provide a pop of colour against their dark green leaves. Even as the cold weather causes the shrub to shed its leaves, the berries remain and its branches can be cut and brought inside to decorate the home and provide the perfect dose of holiday cheer.

Ornamental Cabbage and Kale: For the hardiest winter plants, look no further than cabbage and kale. The ornamental variety can bring a much-needed splash of colour and texture to your garden or winter floral arrangement. As an added bonus, not only do these plants look beautiful but the edible variety can also be used to provide earthy flavours to your favourite soups and salads.

Pansy: Pansies make a gorgeous addition to winter gardens and arrangements. They are available in a wide variety of colours, from sunshine yellow to moody violet and typically start to bloom in the month of December. They thrive in cool weather and add tons of vibrancy to the harsh winter landscape.

Winter Aconite: While these may be lesser-known bulbs, winter aconite are delightfully yellow flowers that will pop up through the snow, providing your landscape with a happy colour contrast. These flowers are also not particularly tasty to deer and rodents, so they are an excellent choice to plant in your garden if you typically have critters that are snacking on your flowers.

Christmas Rose: The Christmas rose blooms right around the time of, you guessed it, Christmas. The flower features a bright yellow centre and snow white, bowl shaped petals that are similar to a wild rose. While these flowers may appear delicate, they are extremely resilient and are a fantastic plant to watch bloom throughout winter.


While indoor plants and flowers are in a more privileged position than their outdoor counterparts, they still need to be cared for properly. If you have plants and flowers scattered around your home, make sure to give them plenty of natural light, reduce the amount you water and gently wipe any leaves down to prevent dust from blocking pores and making it difficult to circulate oxygen.

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